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Divorce Litigation in Woodbridge, Virginia

A litigated divorce can sometimes be the only course of action available to individuals seeking to end their legal marriage. Though litigation is often a difficult process, in many cases, the parties involved can remain outside of a courtroom environment, and the situation can even be settled somewhat peaceably. All it takes is the right divorce law firm to handle the case.

At Graham Law Firm, PLLC our seasoned litigation attorneys have been helping couples in Woodbridge and the surrounding areas reach agreeable divorce settlements for years. We understand just how draining and trying the litigation process can be, and so we strive to guide you with care and consideration while also working toward the outcome that suits your interests best.

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When to Choose Divorce Litigation

Choosing what type of divorce to pursue can occasionally give one or both parties pause. Mediation or divorce arbitration are typically the preferred and more peaceable options, but in many cases, litigation is the better choice to ensure you get all that you are owed.

When considering litigation, it is crucial that you understand that litigation is not a fast or simple undertaking. It tends to take a considerable amount of time, and depending on a range of factors, can also be one of the more resource-demanding solutions as well. However, if the divorce is hostile, or you and your partner cannot reach an agreement on assets or other aspects, litigation is your best option.

Our attorneys typically recommend litigation for parties that cannot agree on, or cannot find common ground on any of these:

  • The division of assets, debt, and other financial matters
  • The custody of children, as well as visitation rights and child support
  • The amount and or duration of alimony

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How to Choose Your Woodbridge Divorce Litigator

Once you have determined that your best course of action is to pursue litigation, choosing your attorney becomes the next important step. Without the right litigator, you can quickly become mired in a process that could take months or years and wind up costing you far in excess of what you may have expected. You need an attorney that is familiar and experienced with the litigation process, and one that is dedicated to helping you through this difficult time.

We recommend seeking a consultation first with your potential litigator, and keep a close eye and mind on the following:

  • Does the litigator express a clear mastery of the subject without losing you in excessive jargon and terminology?
  • The attorney should be inquisitive and instructional, showing a clear interest in your needs and what suits your situation and unique concerns best.
  • They should never make snap promises. Litigation is a long and uncertain process, and so many promises fall by the wayside far before they become a reality. Don’t fall for “sales” tactics.

Contact a Divorce Litigator in Woodbridge, VA

Our seasoned family law attorneys have your interests and needs at heart. We understand just how difficult and straining a divorce can be, so we pledge to put forth all of our resources and considerable experience in helping you achieve an outcome that is favorable.

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