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Divorce Lawyers in Fairfax County

Divorce is never an easy time for any parties involved. It is a stressful, trying time for your family, and you can have a hard time knowing where to turn. At Graham Law Firm, PLLC, our highly experienced divorce attorneys can provide you with the advice and guidance you need to complete the divorce process as smoothly and comfortably as is possible. We have been successfully helping families in Fairfax County for years, and our attorneys can assure that your divorce process places your needs and interests first.

Family consultants and mediation professionals at Graham Law Firm, PLLC are specifically trained and uniquely experienced throughout Fairfax in both mediation and divorce litigation. Regardless of the situation you and your family find yourselves in, we can offer the support and solutions you need.

Contact our divorce process professionals at any time online, or if you would prefer, please feel free to call us over the phone to speak to a Graham Lawn Firm attorney directly.

Established Mediation Services in Fairfax County

Mediation can help provide you with a peaceable resolution to your marriage, and our mediation specialists carry extensive experience with the mediation process. Our attorneys act as a completely neutral party in order to ensure a peaceable resolution that best benefits all parties is found.

Our mediation and consultant specialists can provide:

Divorce Litigation in Virginia

When your marital situation calls for direct legal action, our skilled attorneys can provide the support and knowledge you need to complete successful divorce litigation. We represent the interests of our clients, and place your unique situation and needs at the forefront when serving on your behalf. Graham Law Firm, PLLC can provide comprehensive litigation services in Fairfax that meets any situation, including:

Seek Your Divorce Law Consultation in Fairfax County

Graham Law Firm, PLLC features an award-winning team of attorneys who have been trusted in Fairfax, VA for years. Contact us to schedule a consultation online, or feel free to speak with us over the phone to discuss your particular divorce service needs.


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