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Through an annulment, many choose to use the legal system to undo their “I dos” early in the marriage. The reasons for quickly putting an end to a short marriage vary, and the legal responsibilities and rights can depend on whether annulment is an option.

In Northern Virginia, the award-winning family law attorneys at Graham Law Firm, PLLC, are always on your side. If you wish to file for an annulment, call our team today. The annulment process varies from state to state, so we’ll take you through the legal annulment steps available in the area.

What Is an Annulment?

In Virginia, an annulment differs from a divorce, which is the end of a valid marriage. An annulment is considered the end of an invalid marriage. The courts may grant an annulment when there is viable legal reason the marriage shouldn’t have existed in the first place. If you feel your marriage was invalid from the start, you may be eligible for a marriage annulment.

Annulment Grounds in Virginia

In this state, a spouse needs a legal reason for successfully seeking an annulment. Each of the following factors are legal grounds for such a move:

  • Bigamy: The husband or wife is already married at the time of the marriage currently undergoing annulment
  • Fraud: A spouse only enters into the marriage due to the other’s deception, which can include lies about addictions, mental illnesses, or to gain immigration status
  • Felon or prostitute: One of the spouses did not inform the other of a past felony record or that he or she is a prostitute
  • Underage: With few exceptions, it’s illegal to marry someone under the age of 18
  • Incompetence: The bride or groom entered into the marriage without being mentally capable of understanding or making such a decision
  • Impotence: One or both spouses are unable to engage in sexual relations
  • Incest: Discovering the spouses are related by blood, closer than being first cousins
  • Children conceived outside the marriage: A husband impregnates another woman within 10 months of the vows or if the wife is already pregnant by another man at the time of the marriage
  • Duress: The husband or wife only entered into the marriage due to threats, emotional coercion, or fear of physical harm

If any of the above have factored into your decision to seek an annulment, get in touch with Graham Law Firm today.

Filing a Complaint for Annulment

When representing a spouse seeking an annulment, your attorney will assess whether an annulment or divorce will best accomplish your legal objectives. Once that is accomplished, papers will be filed with the circuit court for the Virginia county where you or your spouse have resided for at least six months. Your attorney will provide you with the appropriate forms needed to file the request. In addition to providing residential and employment information, the complaint will include any questions on child custody, visitation, or child support. In an annulment, you cannot ask the court to order alimony or divide property.

After the annulment complaint has been served to your spouse, there will be a hearing before a superior court judge in your county. At that time, your attorney will prove the grounds for the annulment. Graham Law divorce, annulment, and family law attorneys are always ready to advocate for and meet the needs of our clients.

The annulment of a marriage means that you and your former spouse were never legally married, but will not affect the legitimacy of any children, who still have the right to be financially and emotionally supported by both parents.

Marriage Annulments in Northern Virginia

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