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Northern Virginia Spousal Support

Divorce is a difficult process. It becomes increasingly complicated when two parties were married for a significant amount of time and a large difference in income exists between former spouses. Spousal support in Northern Virginia, often referred to as “alimony” in other states, is not presumptive and must be determined by a local judge.

At Graham Law Firm, PLLC, we specialize in providing top-quality spousal support in Northern Virginia, including Leesburg, Alexandria, and Fairfax.

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  • How Is Spousal Support Determined In Northern Virginia?

    There are multiple ways to two parties can determine the final amount of spousal support:

    • Included in a marital agreement
    • Determined by a local judge
    • Settled out of court

    A judge may grant:

    Temporary relief – Once you or your spouse files for divorce, the court may grant temporary (”predente lite”) spousal support. This differs from child support, payments of debt, and more, but may be available in cases where one spouse’s income is significantly higher than the others.

    Spousal support (alimony) – There are several factors a court contemplates when determining the amount of alimony to be paid by a former spouse. For example, a court considers:

    • Standards of living
    • Duration of the marriage
    • Obligations, needs, and financial resources of the spouses (income, pensions, profit-sharing, retirement plans, etc.)
    • Age, physical, and mental condition of the spouses
    • Special family circumstances
    • Monetary and nonmonetary contributions to the family by each spouse
    • Financial assets of each spouse
    • Provisions made regarding distribution of marital property
    • Age, physical, and mental condition of any children of the marriage
    • Extent of which either spouse contributed to the other’s education, training, career, position, or profession
    • Earning capacity and current opportunities for employment for people with that earning capacity
    • Opportunities available for and ease of ability for spouses to get education and training to enhance learning ability
    • Work and parenting decisions made between spouses during the marriage, their effect on earning potential, and length of unemployment if applicable
    • And more

    Permanent spousal support – Permanent spousal support is more likely to be granted in long-term marriages. In the event of a short marriage, a spouse is less likely to be granted permanent spousal support and his or her alimony for a limited duration of time (“rehabilitative alimony”). Court-ordered spousal support ceases if either spouse dies or the spouse receiving alimony remarries.

    It’s important to note that spousal support may be denied if the spouse seeking alimony committed adultery.

  • Spousal Support, Alimony & Maintenance In Northern Virginia

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