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Frequently Asked Questions About Mediation

Our Graham Law Firm, PLLC attorneys are frequently asked questions about what mediation services include, what types of mediation that our firm offers, and what the appointment may be like. Here we’ve answered some of the questions we’re asked most often to make the mediation process more clear for you.

If you have more specific questions or are seeking mediation help, you can contact one of our lawyers by filling out our confidential contact form or by calling us at (703) 443-9360.

  • What is mediation?

    Mediation is the process by which two parties come to a consensus with the help of a non-biased, third party legal mediator. Graham Law Firm, PLLC undertakes mediation so both parties can speak freely, work toward a common goal, and reach the best consensus for the interested parties. Depending on the type of mediation the parties who we are looking out for can be the couple itself, as for prenuptial agreements, or any children involved, like in child custody mediation.

  • Why should I choose mediation?

    Mediation is one way to go about a divorce proceeding with privacy, lower costs, and a faster settlement. When deciding if mediation is right for you and your spouse, it’s important to consider your entire family in the decision making process. There are extensive benefits to mediation, including:

    • High rate of compliance
    • Customized agreements
    • Greater control of outcome
    • Lower attorney costs
    • More amicable relationship termination or preservation
    • Privacy of avoiding litigation
  • What kind of mediation does Graham Law Firm, PLLC practice?

    Graham Law Firm, PLLC has attorneys accomplished in multiple forms of family law mediation ready to assist with any of your needs. Graham Law Firm, PLLC practices these kinds of mediation:

    If you have a unique type of family law mediation that you think we may be able to mediate but doesn’t quite fit into these category, simply contact us. We’re happy to discuss your situation.

  • What responsibilities does the Mediator have?

    The mediator serves as a neutral facilitator of the process. In this process the mediator makes sure that each party has time to express their views without interruption. They can also reframe or rephrase one party’s words in an effort to help other parties better interpret what is being said. The mediator can ask questions and clarify statements so that greater understanding can be reached. At Graham Law Firm, PLLC, the mediators that we use are always a legal professional who can be trusted to make suggestions like consulting with outside legal counsel or experts. Finally, the mediator is responsible for keeping track of all detailed information, writing up the mediation agreement, and if the parties want, can help implement that agreement.

  • What is the mediation process like?

    Mediation usually takes place over a number of sessions, which can each last between one and two hours in length. In the first meeting the relevant parties and the mediator determine what issues need to be addressed and in what order they will be discussed. Before the second meeting the parties involved will gather financial and personal documents and come to the second meeting with the materials needed to decide each of the issues needing to be resolved. These mediation sessions will continue until each party is confident in each aspect of the agreement that has been created. The final agreement with then be drawn up and signed, ending the mediation process.

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