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Settlement Agreement Lawyers in Northern Virginia

When a marriage ends, spouses often fear the potential expense, time and emotional upheaval involved in legally dissolving their marriage. While Virginia law does not technically require either spouse to engage an attorney, each should obtain separate legal counsel, especially if support, child custody, or property rights are involved. If any or all of the above issues apply, a divorce settlement agreement should be reached by the spouses.

The award-winning attorneys at Graham Law Firm, PLLC understand that a divorce can be very taxing, not only for both spouses, but also for their children, family members, and friends. Our divorce lawyers advocate for and unfailingly meet the needs of our clients in the greater Northern Virginia area.

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What’s Involved in a Settlement Agreement?

In Virginia, there are two ways to resolve various divorce issues. The parties can reach an out-of-court settlement and have it written up as an agreement, or the parties can go to court and let a judge resolve the issues.

However, figuring out a fair distribution of marital assets can become drawn out, emotionally trying, and frustrating to both parties. Having the support of an expert, yet neutral divorce attorney in your corner can lift the burden of negotiations from your shoulders.

Legal negotiations play a vital part in reaching a settlement agreement that’s acceptable to both parties. Offers and counter-offers are exchanged, often culminating in a meeting involving all four parties to resolve any remaining issues.

If initial settlement negotiations fail, another type called “collaborative law”, may work. During this process, both parties and their attorneys participate in a series of out-of-court meetings aimed at arriving at a fair and amicable resolution to the issues at hand.

No matter the settlement scenario, the attorneys from Graham Law are experienced with even the most complex negotiation procedures. Contact us today to meet with any of our experience settlement agreement lawyers in Northern Virginia.

What Issues Are Covered by Settlement Agreements?

A divorce settlement agreement is a legally binding contract intended to resolve every divorce-related issue in your case. For example, a typical settlement agreement may call for some or all of the following points:

  • a specified division of assets (personal property, real estate, investments, pensions and retirement funds, business ownership)
  • an equitable distribution of debts incurred during the marriage
  • an agreement on legal and physical custody of any children and a detailed visitation schedule
  • an agreed-upon amount and time limit for spousal and/or child support

When all issues related to your divorce are resolved, the final decisions are recorded in detail in a written settlement agreement, which is then brought before a judge in the locale of the Virginia circuit court where the divorce petition was filed. If the judge is satisfied that the agreement was fairly negotiated, and the terms appear equitable, the settlement agreement usually receives court approval.

Divorce Lawyers & Family Law Attorneys in Northern Virginia

At Graham Law Firm, PLLC, our divorce lawyers go the distance to reach mutually beneficial divorce settlements while resolving our clients’ matters privately, quickly, and efficiently. We offer extensive family law services and consistently provide an unparalleled level of trustworthy legal counsel for divorce in Northern Virginia.

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